Meals on Wheels Mid North Coast - Camden Haven Branch

The Camden Haven branch is located in Laurieton, the heart of the remarkable Camden Haven area. We are proud to offer over 50 frozen meal options to be delivered to your door three days a week or for pick-up if preferred. We offer full and mini meals, bulk frozen meals and fresh salads and chilled meals.

Areas We Service

Our Camden Haven branch service area extends to Johns River in the south, Lake Cathie in the north, Lorne in the west and Dunbogan in the east.

Try one of our Social events for an opportunity to enjoy a meal with others in a friendly, relaxed setting. Our shopping assistance program is wonderful for those who would like help with their food-related shopping.

Services at Meals on Wheels Camden Haven Branch

Find the flexibility and options that suit your needs. From pick-up to delivery or eating with a group to restaurant vouchers and shopping assistance. We help make eating well easy and convenient.


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Social Meals

Restaurant Vouchers

Shopping Assistance

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